Neurologist @ GIGA Consciousness, Belgium

Integrative Neuroscience for Sustainable Mental Health: Meditation in Complementary Medicine

Steven Laureys MD PhD FEAN is a neurologist, recognised world-wide as a leading physician & researcher in human consciousness. In over 25 years, he has studied neuroplasticity using neuroimaging and neuromodulation techniques. With his team, Professor Laureys has published over 560 scientific articles (H-index 141) on the workings of our brain and is the author of 6 bestselling popular books including “The No-Nonsense Meditation Book” adapted to 17 languages.
He is founder and head of the Centre Cerveau at the Liège University Hospital in Belgium, founder of the ‘Coma Science Group’, director of the GIGA Consciousness Research Unit at Liège University & Invited Professor at CERVO Brain Centre, Laval University, Canada and Harvard Medical School, Boston. He also serves as Founding Co-Director of the Hangzhou International Consciousness Institute, China and is Chief Neurologist at TRAINM
Clinics, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Expertscape, an organization that ranks medical experts, has him ranked as a world-leading neurologist for the past 10 years.
Dr Laureys has received awards from the European Academy of Neurology, European Academy of Sciences, German Max Planck Society and US Society of Cognitive Neuroscience. He is co-founder of Mind Care International Foundation.
With his team and collaborators, he studied and published on the workings of the mind of Buddhist monks (such as Matthieu Ricard, translator of the Dalai Lama), top-athletes (e.g., world-champion apnea diver Guillaume Nery), astronauts, and serial entrepreneurs; using neurotechnology and brain scanning to measure the effect of meditation, hypnosis, trance, dreaming, psychedelics… and the power of the human mind. He is a promoter of evidence-based complementary medicine and sustainable mental wellbeing. He is a co-signer of the Cambridge Declaration on Animal Consciousness (2012) and an animal welfare advocate. Prof Laureys is in high demand as a speaker and approachable expert of brain science (see his 5 TEDx talks and National Geographic Documentary).